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Wheel Pottery

Let's Play in the Mud!

On the Wheel Pottery is the one place it's okay to play dirty... 


Our pottery wheels add another fun experience to our studio!

The wheels are a great opportunity to try your hands at “throwing” pottery, getting a little muddy, and maybe create something pretty awesome!  We’ve got several different options for your clay experience, and we’ve listed these below.  To set up a reservation for a party or for any questions, please feel free to contact us.  You may register for our Saturday Evening Pottery and Children’s Pottery on our calendar page.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL TO ALL POTTERY PARTIES, CLASSES AND PRIVATE SESSIONS YOU ATTEND. WE DO NOT PROVIDE TOWELS OR APRONS FOR THIS CLASS. Additionally you must have previous wheel experience for open studio wheel use, and a reservation is required. 


Looking for a little fun on a Saturday?  Come alone, with a friend or two, or this makes a GREAT date night!  This is our ideal beginner class. We begin with a demonstration, then set you free to get your hands pretty muddy as you create your own pieces on the pottery wheel.  We’ve got help along the way, and we do our best to be sure everyone creates a few pieces!  Price includes 5 pounds of clay and you’ll choose your glaze colors before leaving.  Please dress appropriately, or bring a change of clothes if you’re heading to dinner afterwards!

WHEEL DEAL (Ages 7+)

This is a 2-hour, personal, but fun class for you and at least one friend (8 total max).  You’ll spend two hours with your personal Instructor on the pottery wheel having fun and playing in the mud.  We begin with a demo, then proceed to create pieces together.  We guarantee you’ll end up with at least two pieces!  Our schedules are flexible, so give us a call to book your Wheel Deal!  $50 per Guest includes two pieces which we will glaze for you with your glaze choices from our selection.


Looking for a way to play dirty with friends?  We’ve got the perfect idea for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team building events, family gatherings!  This is a 2-hour party which includes time on the pottery wheel and decorating your piece.  We begin with a demonstration, then proceed step by step in throwing pottery on the wheel.    We make sure EVERYONE creates at least one piece, and then we finish them by decorating or splatter painting the pieces.   This is a definite out of the box party and always a big hit! $25 per Guest, 6 Guests minimum.  Want to keep more than one of your pieces, just $10 for each additional piece you can’t part with! Check out our “Parties” Tab for more info!


Want to sit at the pottery wheel and work on your own?   We give a 5-minute orientation to our wheels, clay and studio, but please note Open Studio does not include instruction, we therefore require previous wheel throwing experience.  We rent our wheel time as follows:  $20 for the first two hours (2 hour minimum), then each additional hour is $10.   Clay is sold at $20 for half a brick (12.5 pounds), or $40 for the whole brick of stoneware clay.  Your clay purchase will include the first firing (bisque firing).   Glaze firings are at .10 cents per cubic inch with a $3 minimum charge per piece.  There is no studio fee for time spent in the studio trimming your work. No outside clay is to be brought into our studio.  Please note all work and clay left after 60 days may be discarded.  Though it is rare, sometimes pieces explode (especially if heavy and thick) in the kiln.  If your work explodes you will not be refunded for your clay or glaze firings.  Instead, this money will be used towards the cleanup of our kilns 🙂


Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 PM to 5:30 PM we welcome children ages 7 to 14 to join us on our pottery wheels!  No clay experience is required to join the class.  Our Instructor will offer a demonstration on the wheels and then assist everyone in making their own pieces! After approximately 60 minutes of working on the wheels, we’ll choose our 2 favorite pieces and then get creative as we splatter paint our artwork.  $25 includes all materials.  Please note pieces may take 8 to 10 weeks due to drying out pottery and firing order.


Once a month, on a Friday, from 4 PM to 5:30 PM we welcome children ages 7 to 16 and their parents (or grandparents) to join us on our pottery wheels! You asked and we heard you Just like our other children's pottery classes, no clay experience is required. This is a great way for you to bond with your child, create beautiful pottery and memories together. 


We offer one on one private wheel instruction at $30/hour.  The lesson may be tailored to suite your learning needs from throwing on the wheel, trimming pots to glaze and kiln instruction.  Please call for Laura to schedule.  Clay price is not included in private instruction and can be purchased at $20 for 12.5 pounds.  The bisque firing is included in price of clay, but the glaze firing will be charged as above at .10 cents per cubic inch.


We offer several opportunities for our friends with wheels in their homes/studios to fire their work in our kilns.  We have set up a few policies to keep work organized with proper firing schedules.
To have work fired in our kilns, we require your clay has been purchased from our studio.  We offer two types of clay for purchase:  Low fire earthenware clay as well as Buff stoneware clay.  Clay is purchased at $30 for a $25 brick.   When returning your clay for bisque firing, your pieces must be returned with the box your clay was sold in.  There is no fee for your bisque (first) firing as this fee is included in the clay purchase.
After your pieces have been glazed (we will provide information materials for you regarding proper glazes for the clay you have purchased), you may bring your pieces back for glaze firings.  Your pieces will be fired at $.10 per cubic inch and you will be contacted when your artwork is available for pickup.
Please note there will be no refunds if your artwork explodes in our kilns.  We also reserve the right to refrain from firing your work if not glazed as instructed.  We will do our best to help you create amazing work, so please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the firing and glazing processes!

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